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Staking & Unstaking $KOYN

Stake KOYN, Earn Rewards!

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Enjoy up to 20% APR when you stake your KOYN tokens. Our innovative staking system rewards you for supporting the network. Here's what you need to know:

  • Flexible Staking: Stake KOYN for yourself or for others, with the option to set custom lockup periods for vested payments. Lockup is optional, and you can unstake KOYN at any time.
  • SKOYN Rewards: Earn internal SKOYN tokens, which are automatically
  • Secure System: Staking is managed directly through the secure eosio contract.

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Understanding KOYN Staking

  • What is KOYN Staking? KOYN Staking means locking up your KOYN tokens to help secure the network and earn rewards.
  • APR: You can earn up to 20% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on your staked KOYN. Please note that the APR is subject to change over time due to various factors. Additionally, 70 million KOYN tokens are set aside per year for 5 years as staking rewards.
  • KOYN vs SKOYN: SKOYN is an internal token used for accurate staking calculations. When you unstake, you receive your KOYN plus any earned rewards.
  • Liquid vs. Staked: Liquid KOYN refers to tokens held in your own wallet, freely transferable at any time. Staked KOYN, on the other hand, is held in the staking account, where it is locked and earns rewards.
  • Locked vs. Unlocked: Staked KOYN can be further categorized based on whether a locking period has been set at the time of staking. If a locking period is specified, the KOYN is considered 'locked' and subject to vesting. Conversely, if no locking period is set, the KOYN is 'unlocked' and can be unstaked immediately.