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How to stake KOYN


Step 1: Access the Staking DApp

Go to

step 1 Fig 1. Staking page

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet

Connect the Anchor wallet containing your KOYN tokens.

step 2 Fig 2. Connect Wallet

Step 3: Stake KOYN

Enter the amount of KOYN you would like to stake. You can also select 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of your available Liquid KOYN balance.

step 3 Fig 3. Staking amount

Step 4: Confirm Transaction

Review details and complete the staking transaction using Anchor.

step 4 Fig 4. Anchor confirmation

Important Notes:

  • Staking rewards accrue continuously but are distributed when you claim them.
  • The 20% APR cap ensures network sustainability.
  • Look out for future upgrades, potentially adding fee-generated income and ways to utilize staked KOYN.